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Balayage and Ombre: What’s the Difference?

April 30, 2021

Lots of new trends come and go, but two hair color trends that have really held on are balayage and ombre. That’s because the results are great and can be uniquely tailored to the look you want. The terms can be confusing, so what’s the difference between these two hair color trends?

Ombre. Simply put, ombre is a hair color trend that’s darker on top and lighter at the ends. The traditional look has a stark contrast between the two colors that transition at about mid-length or so. Ombre has been a much-loved trend that has held on in the hair color world for a while now, but it’s starting to take new forms. Today, we’re seeing options like sombre, or “soft ombre,” which is basically the same look but with less contrast between the two colors. Some people have also made the trend unique by using a reverse ombre, which has a lighter color at the top and a darker color at the ends. While an ombre is usually a blonde/brunette combination, you can also use other colors to get the look, like different shades of red or even a pair of your favorite fantasy colors. The finished look is up to you!

Balayage. Many people think this is a hair color, but it’s actually a hair highlighting technique. Balayage means “to paint” in French. The balayage hair color trend has expert stylists painting on hair color freehand to get unique, artistic looks that appear more natural than foil highlights. With foil, chunks of hair are separated by the foil wraps, so the result is a chunky highlight look that’s clearly from the salon. Balayage highlights are more subtle, so it’s hard to tell if it’s just a natural sun-kissed look or something created by an expert colorist. However, you don’t have to go with natural colors to get a balayage look. With this technique, you can also use different palettes to get a unique look just for you. That’s why balayage has stood the test of time – because this wonderful technique is flexible and personalized.

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