Hair Care Tips for a Healthy Shine

May 31, 2017

Stepping out of the salon with a fresh, new hairstyle always feels great. When your hair looks fabulous, it makes you feel fabulous! However, to maintain your style, it’s important to take steps in between salon visits to keep your hair looking healthy. Following a few simple tips will help!

Cut back on shampooing. Although the clean feeling makes it tempting to wash every day, shampoo strips hair of its natural oils. Interrupting this process by shampooing too often causes hair follicles to over-produce these oils, leaving your hair feeling dirty faster. Although hair texture and lifestyles may require you to wash more often, most experts agree that you should wash your hair about three times per week. Consider trying a dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash your hair in the shower.

When you do shampoo, keep the shower cooler and massage shampoo into your scalp, which is the most important target for shampooing. For conditioner, aim for the opposite: avoid conditioning the scalp and just focus toward the ends. Towel dry hair before applying conditioner and leave it in while you shower for best results.

Brushing is important, but be gentle. Experts agree that you should brush twice a day and start from the bottom to remove tangles – avoid too much pulling on the scalp. If hair is wet, use a wide-tooth comb rather than a brush to avoid damage.

Unless your style demands it, avoid using heated styling tools. Over time, these can dry out your hair. If you must use them for your style, use a low heat setting and use heat-protector hair products before blow drying.

Always use hair care products that are formulated for your hair type. If possible, avoid sulfates, which can affect the hair’s production of natural oils. If your hair is very dry, try using some natural oil treatments – ask your stylist to recommend products that will work best on your hair type.

Go into the salon regularly to trim off split ends. Once damaged, the only way to fix them is to remove them. Removing split ends helps keep hair looking healthy.

Use a silk or satin pillowcase. Your hair gets tangled up and damaged by moving around during the night and rubbing against the pillow surface. A slippery surface helps hair avoid damage.

Now that your locks are heathy-looking and moisturized, it’s time to come in for that fabulous new hairstyle! Make an appointment today at Anna’s Salon Elite. Our highly-trained, professional stylists will give you a fresh, new look that works for your individual style, and can recommend the best haircare products for your individual needs. Find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa, or give us a call on 724.375.8511 to schedule an appointment.

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