Eyelash Extensions

Get Stunning Eyes with Tinting and Extensions

February 28, 2021

Want gorgeous eyes? We all do, but most of us have to fuss around every morning with mascara and liner to get that bold and beautiful look that really stands out. But there’s a much better way – lash and brow tinting or lash extensions from Anna’s Salon Elite! Here’s how they work.

Tinting. Darker and thicker lashes and brows are the goals, and one of the easiest ways to make that happen is through tinting. Tinting is a semi-permanent process that dyes your lashes or brows a darker color. The dye is safe and specifically formulated to be used around your eyes.

For lashes, your tinting appointment will take about a half-hour. The dye is painted on, allowed to soak in for a few minutes, then the excess is wiped off. You’re ready to go with darker lashes that last about four weeks when your natural growth patterns start to shed lashes. Besides looking darker, they also appear thicker and longer. The dye is waterproof, so you can swim and shower without any worries about your lashes, and there are no mascara smudges! For an extra boost that makes your eyes look wide open and alert, add a lash lift for semi-permanent curl without fussing with a lash curler every day.

For brows, tinting works like a brow liner but without the hassle. It’s a similar process using a safe, effective dye to color your brow hairs. In about 25 minutes, your brows will look darker and fuller, and you don’t have to spend time every morning hassling with your brow liner trying to make your brows look just right. And if you need a little shaping, the pros at Anna’s can give you the look you want with precisely targeted eyebrow waxing.

Lash extensions. If you want an even more dramatic look for your lashes, try out some lash extensions. Each lash gets their own thicker, darker extension, so your lashes look dark and bold but still look natural because there’s no strip holding them all together. Lash extensions are fully customizable so that you can get the level of intensity you want. Because each extension is applied individually, your first extension appointment can take about 2 hours. As your natural lashes shed, you can come in for fills to keep up the look.

Want amazing lashes and brows? Let the experts at Anna’s Salon Elite help. Make an appointment today and our professional estheticians and makeup artists will help you create the gorgeous eyes you’ve always wanted without spending precious time hassling with mascara and liner every morning. You’ll find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa, give us a call at 724.375.8511, or for your convenience, visit our website to book an appointment online.

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