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Balayage vs. Ombre: Two Different Highlighting Styles

March 26, 2018

Two of the hottest trends in hair color are ombre and balayage. Both are ways to add highlights and interest to your color. What’s the difference? While ombre is a style of hair color gradient that is achieved through highlighting, balayage is a technique for highlighting that gives you a natural look.

The term balayage comes from the French word for sweeping, and the technique allows the stylist to “sweep” the color into your hair. Unlike other highlighting techniques, no foils are used. It’s more of a freestyle method, like painting the highlights into your hair. The result is natural looking highlights that can look like your hair was lightened by the sun.

Balayage can be done with both dark and light hair, and normally the difference in shade between the base color and the highlights is subtle, which gives it that natural look. It lasts longer than foil highlights and looks less noticeable as it grows out.

The term ombre is also French and means shaded or shading. Ombre is a look that goes from a dark color at the roots, fading into a lighter shade at the ends. Although many want a striking difference between the two shades, the choice is up to you. It can be as subtle or stark as you want. Since your roots will be darker, it is hard to notice as it grows out, if the dark shade is close to your natural color.

For both balayage and ombre, once your color is in place, it only requires a couple of touch-ups throughout the year to keep it looking great. Before you have any coloring done with highlights, be sure to get a fresh haircut first so that your style will last longer.

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