It’s Winter But Keep Waxing!

December 28, 2016

It’s official, and the calendar proves it – winter has officially arrived. You’ve added more and more layers to your outfits in the past few weeks, and your feet are ensconced in warm socks and fluffy slippers. You’re probably also reluctant to peel off any of those layers to keep your regular waxing appointment. Don’t give in! It’s more important now than ever to keep up your waxing regimen, and here’s why.

Left to their own devices, your body hair will grow at different rates. However if you get into a regular waxing routine, you’ll condition them to grow at the same rate. Because they’ll all be growing back in at roughly the same time, you can maximize the amount of time you can go between waxing appointments. This is one of those times when more actually ends up meaning less.

In winter your skin is likely to recover more quickly from a waxing appointment than it would during the warm weather. You’re not as apt to be exposing it to harsh sunshine or saltwater and chlorine. That means you’ll get less redness and sensitivity from winter waxing.

And let’s face it – waxing doesn’t tickle. That said, the more regularly you wax, the easier it becomes. With consistent waxing the root of the hair becomes weaker and weaker, making each hair easier and easier to remove. And that means less discomfort. Give that up over the winter and you’ll be starting again from square one once the weather warms up. Plus, your body produces less hair when you wax regularly. In some cases, it may even stop growing all together in areas that get waxed regularly. What’s not to like about that

So now is a great time to schedule that overdue waxing appointment. Come see us at Anna’s Salon Elite. Our team of professional aestheticians will have you smooth and hair-free in no time. You can find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa. To schedule an appointment, just give us a call at 724.375.8511 or send us an email at

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