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If You Want Healthy Hair Take Good Care Of Your Scalp

January 15, 2023

There is one thing about our appearance that men and women everywhere can agree on, the importance of maintaining full, healthy hair. Gorgeous shiny hair is something we all strive for as it symbolizes both health and beauty. The foundation for healthy hair is something we don’t often give a lot of thought to, our scalp. Your hair grows from the hair follicles within your scalp, so if your scalp isn’t healthy your hair will suffer. The good news is that it’s not hard to keep your scalp happy. We have a few tips for you that only take a few minutes each. Incorporate them into your regular hair care routine and your hair and your scalp will thank you for it.

Healthy Scalp Tip #1- Don’t Strip Your Natural Oils

The oils that your scalp produces have a very important job to do in regard to the health of your hair and scalp. They keep your scalp and your hair moisturized, soft, and supple. When you over strip the oils with too frequent shampooing it will leave your hair dried out and brittle and your scalp will become dry, flaky, and itchy. Most people only need one or two shampoos a week to keep their hair clean and fresh. If you’re shampooing more than that try cutting back on how often you shampoo to allow those natural oils to do what they are meant to do.

Healthy Scalp Tip #2- Use Gentle  pH Balanced Hair Care Products

There are a lot of low-quality shampoos and conditioners out there that are harsh and will seriously disrupt the pH balance of your scalp. To keep your hair healthy your scalp needs a pH of 4-5. This pH range keeps your hair follicles and cuticles closed to keep moisture and nutrients locked in. Keeping your scalp balanced results in smoother, shinier, stronger strands. Ask your stylist which products they recommend to maintain a proper pH balance for your individual hair type.

Healthy Scalp Tip #3- Give Your Scalp A Massage

Giving your scalp a massage on a regular basis can have many benefits. The massaging action will also stimulate increased blood flow to your hair follicles bringing more oxygen and nutrients for healthy hair growth. Rub your scalp all over with the pads of your fingers in a small circular motion for about 2-3 minutes every day. Rubbing in a moisturizing scalp oil every week will help keep your scalp moist and soft.

Healthy Scalp Tip #4- Exfoliate Your Scalp

Yes, you read that right. Your scalp needs regular exfoliation to remove dead skin and product buildup just like the rest of your skin. Using a gentle scalp exfoliant every week will help to keep your hair follicles and pores on your scalp from getting clogged and allow your scalp to breathe. Keeping your scalp free of buildup can even stimulate new hair growth.

Healthy Scalp Tip #5- Keep Your Scalp Protected

The skin of your scalp is delicate and easily damaged. Any damage to your scalp can cause the health of your hair to suffer. UV rays from the sun, harsh chemical processing, extreme temperatures, and environmental pollutants are just some of the things your scalp is exposed to on a regular basis. Some things can’t be avoided, but there are some steps you can take to protect your scalp from the elements. Wear a hat or apply a scalp SPF when spending time outdoors to protect your scalp from sunburn and damage. Avoid taking hot showers and set your blow dryer on low to minimize heat exposure. Keep your head covered when it’s cold as well to shelter your scalp from that extreme. And last but not least, limit the chemical processing of your hair and only use high-quality hair care products to minimize exposure to harsh chemicals.

Our skin, including our scalp, is our body’s first line of defense. It protects us from infections, and environmental dangers helps regulate body temperature, maintains hydration levels, and is responsible for the health of your hair. This means that if you want healthy hair, you need to take good care of your scalp.

Keeping your hair and scalp healthy is our top priority here at Anna’s Salon Elite because we know that is what creates beautiful hair. See our knowledgeable stylists for a trim and to get their personalized recommendations to ensure your scalp and your hair stays healthy. You can find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa, give us a call at 724.375.8511, or for your convenience, visit our website to book an appointment online.

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