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Trendy Chunky Highlights

March 15, 2020

Chunky highlights are the latest trend from the 90s to make a resurgence. You can stay true to the original with big stripes going from light to dark or modernize with slight thicker highlights that blend subtlely into your hair.

In fact, there’s plenty of ways to make chunky highlight work for you. Obvious highlights not your style but want the dimension these chunky sections bring to your hair. We’ve got some noteworthy chunky highlight examples to show your stylist at your next appointment! If you have an idea in mind, make an appointment now.

Super Chunky
Just like it was in the 90s, this look is bold, contrasting highlights. The start light and dark stripes make a statement and show off your retro style. Even if you’re not ready for anything too out there, you can still try out this style by highlighting face-framing pieces.

Chunky Balayage
Every time a new trend reemerges, it gets reinvented, and this time, around chunky highlights are getting a blended balayage treatment. It can be blended seamlessly into your hair for subtle beauty, or leave the highlights a little starker for a more striking look.

Chunky highlights need alluring tones to give you the full effect. Blonde and brunette are the standard colors, but other shades like icy and peach, honey and gold, or blonde and platinum work just let you style them in exciting new ways.

Take advantage of this trend will it’s hot. Schedule a time to come into Anna’s Salon Elite to talk to one of our stylists about chunky highlights. Let us enhance your hair with these hot new highlights. Find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa or call 724.375.8511 to book your appointment. For your convenience, you can also book an appointment with us online.

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