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Trending Summer Shades for Blondes

June 30, 2021

Going blonde is a great idea for summer. It works well with summer fashion colors and looks great in beach waves on those warm summer days. Last time, we talked about things to consider if you’re going blonde for the first time. But whether you’ve tried blonde before or not, you might want to pick a different shade of blonde for summer 2021, because new trends are emerging for this year. Here are some of our favorite shades of blonde that we’re hearing our clients ask about.

Butter melt blend. This is a warm, natural-looking shade for summer with tons of dimension in a natural-looking, sun-kissed color. This creamy blonde color choice has just the right amount of bright, butter blonde highlights on a natural-looking base.

Rose blonde. If you like pink but don’t want to stray from your favorite blonde shade, rose blonde is a fantastic choice. It’s all about a beautiful golden blonde highlighted with tints of red and pink. The stunning result is an almost metallic-looking color that shimmers in the sun.

Creamy blonde balayage. This is a great choice for natural blondes who want to brighten things up. Adding a ton of balayage highlights in a creamy blonde shade adds both dimension and brightness to your summer look.

Golden platinum melt. This is an exquisite blend of both golden blonde and platinum highlights that gives you a high-contrast dimension for a beautiful new color.

Dirty blonde with money piece. Blonde is one of the more high-maintenance colors, but if you’re looking for something that grows out more gracefully, dirty blonde is at the bottom of the blonde maintenance chart. For a little extra hint of color, you can brighten it up with creamy money-piece chunks in front. Those will grow out but are easy to touch up.

Blonde with red highlights. Another great choice for spicing up a natural blonde is choosing delicate red highlights. They give you just a hint of color in a fun shade that really reflects the summer sun. Go with a balayage babylights technique for a subtle, gorgeous look.

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