Top 7 Bridal Hairstyles for 2023 Weddings

May 31, 2023

It can take time to decide how to style your hair for your wedding day. What goes well with your dress and your overall theme? What is trending currently, and how do you keep your wedding photos looking timeless? Here we break down 7 of 2023’s hottest bridal hairstyles, to help you decide what will work best for you on your big day!

Chunky Braids

Braids never go out of style, and in 2023, the bigger and bolder the braid, the better. Braids are incredibly versatile. They can be sleek and sharp, to give off a regal vibe, or can be flowy, loose, and textured. Whether you choose a complex and skillfully woven plait or a large, wispy, barely-there braid, you will love your braided look!

The Sleek Bun

The slicked-back bun looks polished and put together. It is tidy and practical, and allows the bride, her dress, and her makeup to really shine. The sleek bun can be a high ballerina bun or low on the nape of the neck, and hair can be parted any way you like. This look is sophisticated and would be a great addition to any black-tie wedding. This bun can also be dressed down to become the perfect complement to a simple wedding.

Maximum Texture

Waves and curls are what define this look. Texture, texture, and more texture make for a gorgeous bridal hairstyle! This style is especially great for short-haired brides who want a fun and pretty way to style their hair on their wedding day. Curls and waves are going to be your best friend! Adding waves and curls add volume, which can be a big plus for brides with thinner hair.

Loose and Flowy Chignon

The chignon bun is characterized as a low-wrapped knot, usually on the nape of the neck. This sort of bun can be neat and tidy but looks exceptional when left somewhat loose and textured, with wispy tendrils framing the face. This look is so romantic and absolutely timeless.

Center Part

We all know that the center part is the most popular way to part hair in the 2020s. It looks great in a slicked-back bun, but a center part is a great option for hair left down. Whether your center-parted hair is smooth and straight or features curls, waves, or natural texture, the center-part hairstyle looks amazing on everyone. For a look that is super popular this year, opt for curls or waves and a center part, with the front pieces of hair tucked or pinned behind the ears. This will keep your hair out of the way, while still showing off your luscious locks!

Old Hollywood Look

The old Hollywood look is as timeless as they come. This style features large, bold curls, swept to one side, and with a deep side part. This look is great for any bride who wants to look classy, elegant, and sophisticated. The old Hollywood hairstyle looks incredibly stunning when paired with a headpiece or veil.

Hair Accessories

Additional hair accessories are one of the top hair trends of 2023, both for casual fashion and formal or wedding attire. Brides are no exception! Pearls, jewels, and metallic accents are an amazing way to add a bit of glamor to any hairstyle. Flowers and bright clips or barrettes can add a gorgeous pop of color, while lofty veils and statement headbands are always stunning! The possibilities really are endless!

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