May 22, 2016

The nail industry goes thru trends just like everyone else. The hot topic these days are shellac manicures. It’s true that they are more durable than regular manicures, but as with everything else, there’s drawbacks.

It’s important to understand the risks and benefits of a shellac manicure, also called a gel manicure before deciding if this nail treatment is for you. It promises to last as long as a full month without chips, breaks, or additional costs.

Here’s some important things to keep in mind:

Healthy Nails
Shellac, or gel polish, is an excellent choice for durable nails but you should start with healthy nails before using this type of nail treatment. If your cuticles or nail bed is damaged, splitting, or peeling, you should wait before applying gel polish to them. The durability of your finished nails is affected by these problems so get your nails healthy before visiting your nail salon.

Shellac Longevity
The main benefit for many is its longevity. The gel polish is cured with either a UV or LED light setting the polish so that it lasts up to a month. However, with regular exposure to UV light, you can end up with some age spots.

While it’s true that this lasts a long time, even though the polish stays in place, you may have to return to your nail tech for touch-ups with new nail growth.

Home Nail Care
Although the gel lasts for 30 days, gel polish is porous so cleaning products and other chemicals can cause it to peel or chip. You may want to use gloves when handling these things to keep your shellac looking fresh.

Between the UV light and the method to remove the polish, your nail and the skin around them may become dehydrated. Applying sunscreen or lotion prior to the application or wearing gloves with the fingertips cut out can help to protect the skin from UV light. Your nail tech can give you the name of a good lotion or moisturizer to help with dry skin and brittle nails.

You should apply cuticle oil to your nails twice a day. This will penetrate the porous polish and nourish the nail bed, keeping your nails healthy.

At Anna’s Salon Elite, we can help you decide if Shellac is right for you. Let us help you be confident in your style! If you’d like a consultation to discuss what might be the best cut for you, call Anna’s Salon Elite today for an appointment at (724) 375-8511 or visit us at the salon at 2616 Broadhead Road in Aliquippa, PA 15001.

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