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How to Tell Your Stylist Exactly What You Want

April 12, 2018

You’ve found the perfect hairstyle, one that you think would look great on you, and you’re excited for your next appointment because you’re going to give it a try. But you’re a little worried, because it’s a bit hard to explain, and you’re not sure where to start. We’ve all been there. Here are some tips that will help you talk to your stylist and get exactly what you want for your new hairstyle.

Bring a photo of what you want. This isn’t always possible, especially if you saw the style on someone walking down the street, but do look through websites like Pinterest or do a general search to find something similar. If the picture is not exactly what you want, think of adjectives and phrases that will describe the difference – is it shorter, longer, does it have more curls, etc.

Ask questions. Your stylist is experienced and has probably done similar styles. If you think your hair might be too thick or too thin to make the style work, ask if there are similar style alternatives that would work with the characteristics of your natural hair, or what processing your hair may need to hold the style well.

Dress the part. You want your style to look great at work, on a night on the town, and on special occasions, but it’s difficult to build a style that compliments a more formal look while you’re wearing sweats and no makeup. Also, if you style your hair and makeup as you would for work, your stylist will have a better idea of your home styling skills and can create a style that you can do yourself.

Be specific. If you’re getting a shorter cut, show your stylist exactly where you want it to fall (below your shoulders, above the shoulders, mid-back, etc.). Be precise about describing the length, color, cut, curl, and body needed to create the look you want.

Use products that your stylist recommends. Use professional products to give you a professional look. Your stylist can recommend the exact products that will help you keep that salon-fresh style.

Have an open mind. You probably won’t look exactly like the model or movie star in the photo, and that’s okay. We all need to have our own unique style. The most important thing is that your new style makes you look great, and it may have to be a bit different if your hair’s thickness or texture is different than the model’s.

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