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How to Repair Damaged Hair

April 29, 2020

Curled, styled, colored. With everything we put our hair through, it’s no wonder tresses become so easily breakable and rough. We do it all in the name of gorgeous hair, but desperate locks can be spotted from a mile away. Hair is brittle when the damage has set in and it has a major effect on how it looks. But does that mean you have to give it all up and live with whatever your natural hair decides to do? Just because the damage has taken over your locks, that doesn’t have to be a total loss until your mane can regrow healthier. Here’s our advice on how to reverse even some of the worst damage and restore your shiny, pretty tresses.

Drink Water
What’s happening within your body kind shows in your hair and it’s definitely true from hydration. When you’re thirsty then your hair is too. Dryness is responsible for much of the frail stringy look damaged hair gives off. If you’re serious about repairing your mane, then you better be serious about drinking the right amount of water. Small improvements like this one bring you one step closer to healing your hair so make sure you don’t skip them. 

Restorative Hair Masks
Chock full of ingredients that nourish and moisturize hair masks are one of the biggest tools you have to repair the damage. It won’t make the damage disappear, but hair masks go a long way in hydrating your mane and deep conditioning the strands. Find the right kind of mask for your needs, like color-treated or coarse locks. There are professional hair masks, though it’s super easy to DIY one with items from your fridge and pantry.

Lower Tool Temp
One of the quickest ways to cause damage is by the repeated use of heated styling tools. Now, we aren’t asking you to give up your blow dryer or curling iron, but there are ways to limit the You should have a protective product to make sure the heat can’t hurt your locks too much. Lowering the temperature is another simple way to save your hair a lot of trouble. So make sure you turn down the temperature the next time you reach for a heated styling tool! Being proactive with your delicate tresses prevents them from further destruction, unlike unprotected hair that doesn’t stand a chance.

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