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Perm Your Hair for Soft Curls and Easy Styling

May 15, 2021

The curly girl look is in, and you’ll be seeing curls pop up everywhere this summer. If you were not blessed with naturally curly hair you have two options to recreate the season’s hottest curly styles – devote time daily to get up close and personal with your curling iron, or get a beautiful soft modern perm. A perm will free up your time with wash-and-go curls that will shave hours off of your styling time.

Most everyone knows someone that has a hair horror story of a perm mishap. The perms of years past were harsh on the hair and often resulted in a parched and frizzy mess. Thankfully perms have been improved and reformulated to be gentle on your strands while creating soft and easy to manage curls. So you can put those stories out of your mind and trust your stylist to give you the beautiful long-lasting curls you want.

In the past, coloring your textured hair was strongly discouraged. Because both use harsh chemicals that damaged hair it was too risky to combine the two processes. Today’s hair colors and perms are much more gentle allowing you to safely color your curls. There’s no need to give up your hair color routine. Just be sure your stylist knows that your hair has been permed so they can use the right color formula to keep your hair looking soft and healthy.

Years ago the only options for a perm were waves or tight curls. All perms seemed to look the same – kinky curly, frizzy, and dry. Today you have options. Your stylist can create virtually any curl pattern you’d like. Choose from long beachy waves, soft spirals curls, super-tight ringlets, or anything in between. Perms don’t even have to be curly at all with volumizing perms that just amp up the volume without changing your hair’s texture.

If you’re ready to create all those cute curly styles you’ve been seeing without devoting half the morning to your curling iron, come see the amazing stylists at Anna’s Salon Elite and let them create gorgeous curls that will last for months without all the work! Give us a call at 724.375.8511, or visit our website to book an appointment online. You’ll find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa.

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