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Maintaining Long Hair

October 31, 2019

Long hair can be ultra-gorgeous and stunning, but it can also be a pain to maintain. Unlike shorter hair lengths, long tresses come with their own set of problems that can take away the effect of beautiful, flowing hair. From starters, since there is so much more hair, damage and other problems show up a lot more easily. No wants inches of dull, frizzy hair that not only looks bad, can be even harder to maintain when not properly cared for. Avoid all that and keep your hair looking as healthy and gorgeous as ever!

One of the most essential things you can do when it comes to maintaining the vitality of your locks is to make sure its adequately moisturized. Start with drinking plenty of water and hydrating your whole body, then focus in on hair with things like masks and the right conditioner. This will help keep hair shiny and strong at any length.

Block Heat Damage
All hair is prone to heat damage, but certain styling tools especially take their toll on longer hair. Don’t let your mane fall victim to the heat. Instead, keep some protective spray on hand for the next time you use a hairdryer or curling iron. 

Get it Trimmed
It might sound counterproductive to cut long hair, but it’s quite the opposite. Visiting your stylist for regular trims cuts away damaged ends and encourages healthy growth. Losing a bit can also take off some of the weight that comes with long hair.

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