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What to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

September 30, 2019

Hair extensions have more than their fair share of benefits, but when you decide the time is right to try extensions for yourself, there are some things you should know before you go in for your appointment. 

Asking the right questions and going with an idea of what to expect helps make sure you don’t miss out on all the things extensions give your hair. Read on and get ready for all the perks that come with hair extensions.

The more questions you ask, the better you know what to expect and that way your stylist can understand what you are hoping to get out of your questions. Start off with what kind of hair extensions they use. Quality extensions should always be 100% human hair. Other things to ask include the type (clip or more permanent) and how long you can expect them to stay. You’ll likely have a consultation appointment before the actual process takes place where you are free to hit up your stylist with all of your questions. 

Extensions aren’t only about adding length. While that’s certainly one of their common uses, the benefits of extensions go far beyond that. They can also increase the thickness of thin hair so you gain instant volume and the extensions blend seamlessly into your natural hair so no one is the wiser. Of course, you’ll have to rethink some of your hair care to keep the extensions looking their best, but ultimately they are easy to maintain.

Schedule a consultation and prepare for beautiful, luxurious hair extensions from Anna’s Salon Elite. Our professional stylists can transform your look before the summer season ends. Find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa or call 724.375.8511 to book your appointment. For your convenience, you can also book an appointment with us online.

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