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The Importance of Regular Facials

May 9, 2017

Many women view facials as an indulgence – as something to do to treat yourself once in a while, or as something that should be done only on special occasions. However, the truth is that facials should be a regular part of your skincare routine that should be done monthly.

The skin on your face is exposed to more dirt and pollutants than anywhere else on your body, so taking care of your face is a priority.

Facials give you a deep clean that goes beyond your regular daily wash, removing microscopic particles of pollutants and dead skin cells. A salon’s professional cleansing tools clean deeper than you can do at home, clearing out pores to prevent breakouts and allow your skin to breathe.

This thorough cleansing allows anti-aging and other skincare products to absorb deeper, giving you optimal results. Having regular facials also relaxes the muscles in your face and improves its tone, which results in younger-looking skin.

One of the best benefits of regular facials is professional advice. Once your aesthetician is able to work with your skin on a monthly basis, it is easier to treat potential problems before they worsen and to recommend the right products that will work well with your skin.

Finally, facials provide immediate results. You walk out of the salon relaxed, confident, and glowing!

Make a monthly facial a regular part of your skincare routine. See us here at Anna’s Salon Elite for a personalized facial designed to meet your skin’s individual needs. Our team of highly trained, professional anesthetists is ready to help you look and feel fabulous! Find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa, or give us a call on 724.375.8511 to schedule an appointment.

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