Hot Hair Colors for Summer Fun

April 25, 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to get ready for the season than to change up your hair color! We’ve compiled seven of 2023’s most popular colors, a few that are new on the scene for summer 2023, and a few familiar styles that are hanging on for another summer. 


First up is Balayage, which is more of a dye technique than a color, but had to be included in this list. Balayage first made waves a few years ago and is still going strong in 2023. Balayage is a dye technique that is similar to highlights, but the highlighted colors have a long fade into the root color, which adds a lot of dimension and body to the hair. You might go with the more standard balayage, which is a darker color towards the roots and a lighter tone down the highlights and towards the bottom. You can also change it up and do a fun pop of color. The possibilities are endless! 

Copper Red

This color covers a wide variety of hues, all of which are expected to be insanely popular this summer. In fact, all shades of red hair will be! Go for a rich auburn at the roots fading into a lighter copper tone towards the tips of the hair. Choose an all-over copper tone for a natural red hair look, or go with a striking near-orange hue. Copper red hair can be somewhat high maintenance, but the effect is totally worth it, and red hair works great with nearly every skin tone. 

Statement Money Piece

The “money piece” refers to dyeing the front portion of hair that frames the face, while leaving the rest of the hair natural or dyed all one color. It’s called a money piece because this style is both initially affordable and super easy to maintain. Usually, this section of hair is lightened to blonde or some other light color, which lifts and brightens your complexion, giving your skin a radiant look. It gives the illusion of an all-over dye job and is a great intro to hair coloration if you are just starting out, or aren’t quite committed to the color. Go with a natural highlight, or really make a statement with a pop of color!

Buttercream Blondie

Sometimes called butter blonde, Buttercream Blonde is a very natural-looking blonde color, which mixes both warm and cool blonde tones to give more body and dimension to the hair. Usually with a buttercream blonde dye job, the hair color is relatively the same from root to tip, which adds to the natural look. This tone really shows off a sun-kissed tan! 

Gemini Hair

Projected to be one of 2023’s hottest hair trends, Gemini Hair is the statement dye job of the season. Gemini Hair is created when hair is parted down the middle and each side is dyed a different color, or one side is left natural and the other is dyed a contrasting color. This style has been really popular with Gen Z, and has continued to grow in popularity, making its way into hair care trends for all ages. Consider two different pops of color when trying this technique, or try Gemini Hair with your natural hair color and another neutral tone.

Mushroom Brunette

Mushroom Brunette is arguably the all-over color of the summer for 2023. It’s a cool neutral color, sometimes called ash brown, and rightly so for its cool, ashy tones. This color works great with warm skin tones, is low maintenance, and is great for hiding gray hair. Mushroom Brunette is a very trendy color among the younger crowd but also makes a great transition color to go gray gracefully. 

Grey or Silver 

Last but certainly not least, we can’t leave out the hair color craze that has been making waves for a few years with no signs of stopping any time soon. Silver or gray hair is still growing in popularity with people of every age group. If you’ve already got it, flaunt it, or pop into our salon to help you even out and brighten up your natural hair. A clean-looking silver, gray, or white hair look does not give the illusion of old age but rather looks polished and refined. Go for a dark charcoal, a bright silver, or a stunning gray-toned balayage. 

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