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Hair Care Tips for Color-Treated Hair

January 12, 2019

You’ve just stepped out of the salon with that perfect hair color you’ve been wanting – now the challenge is making it last. Without proper care, your gorgeous new color can fade before its time. Fortunately, you can keep it looking great by following just a few easy tips from the pros.

Wait before shampooing. Your new color needs time to set and washing too soon might wash out some of your color. The outer layer of each hair strand takes time to seal up after coloring. While those layers are still open, color can be lost. Your stylist can give you the best advice about how long to wait, but usually, it’s around 72 hours.

When you do wash, do so less frequently. Many people wash their hair daily but washing often can strip hair of its natural oils. This results in either dry, frizzy hair or oily hair, since the glands may try to compensate by overproducing oil. For color-treated hair, the added complication is washing out a bit of color with each wash. Most experts recommend washing only two or three times per week. You can use a color-safe dry shampoo on days you don’t wash in the shower.

Always moisturize. Hydration makes your hair soft and shiny and helps your color look its best. Ask your stylist about the best conditioning products to use – whether after shampooing or as leave-on options on days you don’t shampoo. Also ask about the best deep conditioning treatments for your hair type and color, as well as how often to have the treatments.

Use sulfate-free products. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are gentler and prevent over-stripping. Ask your stylist about the best products to use for your hair type, condition, and processing history.

Dial back the heat. Heat is the enemy of all hair, and for color-treated hair, excess heat can lead to color fading. Cut back on the heated styling tools, and shower in warm water, not hot. Avoiding the heat helps your hair stay hydrated and soft as well.

Caring for color-treated hair is simple when you follow these tips from hair care experts. Your stylist is always your best partner for hair care that works best for you, so always ask for advice about the best products and techniques to keep your hair looking great.

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