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Hair Care for Men- Tips From the Pros to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Looking Great

June 28, 2022

You already know that your hair is an important part of your image. It’s one of the first things people see and notice about you so you need to make sure that you’re presenting the image you want. There are so many things to consider when it comes to your hair- length, style, color, styling products… It can be a bit overwhelming to think about at times. We’re here to help you with one component to gorgeous, head-turning hair, and that’s hair care. How you care for your hair can affect everything else, because if your hair isn’t healthy, it won’t look good.

Wash Routine

Having a healthy head of hair hinges on your wash routine. It is a must to use high-quality products. You need to start with a salon-quality shampoo such as Eufora Hero Complete Shampoo for Men that does not contain any harmful ingredients but does contain gentle cleansing ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp and clean without over stripping oils. If your hair and scalp then to be dry you’ll want a more moisturizing formula like Eufora Hero Black Clay Shampoo. And don’t even think about skipping the conditioner. Even if your hair is very short, conditioner is a must to keep it healthy. Try a lightweight nourishing formula like Real Men Go 24•7 to ensure your hair is getting the vitamins and nutrients that it needs without weighing it down.

Now that you have the right shampoo and conditioner, it’s time to work on your wash routine. Have you ever considered that you may be washing your hair too often? Those who work outdoors or engage in activities that leave them sweaty and dirty at the end of the day probably do need to wash their hair daily. But if you are somewhat sedentary and work in an office or other similar setting, washing daily may over strip your hair and leave it dry and frizzy. In this case, shampooing two to three times per week may be sufficient.

If your hair is at all prone to tangles, you should detangle it with a wide-toothed comb before washing your hair. Wet hair is more fragile, so the more tangles you get out beforehand the less you’ll have afterward to risk breaking your hair when it’s at its weakest. Next, wet your hair with warm water, not hot. Apply the recommended amount of shampoo and massage gently throughout and into your scalp with the pads of your fingers. There’s no need to scrub super hard. Then rinse and apply your conditioner. Leave it on your hair for 2-3 minutes to allow your hair time to soak up the moisture and nutrients, and then rinse with cool water to seal your cuticle and make your hair smoother and shiner.

Drying Your Hair

One major mistake that most men make is rubbing their hair vigorously with a towel when they step out of the shower. Remember, your hair is at its weakest and most prone to breakage when it’s wet. Rubbing wet hair with a towel creates friction that stretches strands past their breaking point, and it also creates tangles that cause breakage when you comb. Instead, gently blot the excess water out of your hair with the towel. Caution is also needed when blow-drying. Air drying is best for your hair, but if you are in a rush and need to dry it faster always use the lowest setting. And if you can leave it slightly damp to avoid overdrying.

Protect Strands From the Sun and Chlorine
It’s a well-known fact that UV rays from the sun can damage your skin, but they can also damage your hair. Chlorine and other pool chemicals are also harsh on your hair and can leave it dry and unmanageable. Thankfully it’s easy to protect your hair from both and still enjoy outdoor activities and swimming on a hot day. Wear a hat or apply a UV protectant designed for hair before going outside. And before swimming wet your hair with fresh water and apply a leave-in conditioner before diving in to prevent your hair from soaking up as many pool chemicals.

Following these simple steps will improve the health of your hair and keep it looking great. The final step in caring for your hair is to keep it trimmed every 6-8 weeks, both to maintain the length of your cut and to keep dead, split ends at bay. So come see the talented stylists at Anna’s Salon Elite for a fresh new haircut or a trim and get started on your way to healthier hair. Give us a call at 724.375.8511 or visit our Anna’s Salon Elite website to book your appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa.

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