September 13, 2016

Just like your hair, you need to seek the services of professionals when it comes to your nails. Choosing the right classic nail salon can be a bit tricky. Mind you, improper cleaning and unhygienic practices in nail services can cause infection and irritation to your nails and skin. This is the last thing you want to happen so make sure that you only go to a top quality and trusted nail salon. However, one of the common mistakes people commit is they simply relied on their friends’ recommendations in choosing a nail salon without checking the area first. This should never be your only basis.

Here is your quick guide in picking the right and safest classic nail salon in your area.

Visit the place
One of the effective ways in gauging the cleanliness and sanitary of the nail salon is to personally visit the place. Do not rely on what other people say because your judgment and safety are what matter. It is a bonus point if the nail salon is located in a mall because chances are they have state permits that prove that their premises are clean. You can also see on how they maintain the cleanliness inside the salon and how they organize everything – from receiving the clients to servicing them. This is also your chance to see on how nail technicians handle their clients. Do they wash their hands before treatment? Do they properly discard disposable items? If you know the owner of the place, you can ask them on how they disinfect the instruments used for nail services.

Check the ventilation system
While you are visiting the area, you must never forget to check their ventilation system. Many clients often overlooked this important factor. Nail products emit strong odor and you do not want to inhale it because they are harmful. Make sure that the nail salon has adequate ventilation system that helps in getting rid of strong odors and fumes.

Know the services offered
If you love pampering and spicing up the look of your nails, choose a nail salon that offers a wide selection of nail treatments like nail art, gel nails, acrylic nails, overlay designs, paraffin treatments and more. Some nail salons have reclining chairs with a massage control built in it. This gives clients a more relaxed and comfortable feeling while being pampered. You may also want to check if the services offered in the salon are affordable for you.

Ask about the products use in the salon
Do not hesitate to ask the staffs on what products are used during treatments. This is to double check if the products used are government approved and do not contain harmful chemicals. There are nail products before that have been pulled out because they contain unsafe chemicals so make sure the nail salon is not using these.

Handling their clients
Apart from sanitation, you must also observe on how staffs accommodate and handle their clients. Are they happy to see new customers? Do some of them complain when a customer comes in? How do they interact with their customers? Knowing this will make you feel safe and also an assurance that every time you have nail problems, you can count on them.

Follow this guide in choosing the right classic nail salon. We’re always here to help at  Anna’s Salon Elite. Why not schedule a consultation appointment to discuss what might be the best for you? You can call us for an appointment at (724) 375-8511, or simply drop by for a visit at the salon at 2616 Broadhead Road in Aliquippa, PA 15001.

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