July 30, 2016

Age may just be a number, but it doesn’t mean that our skin knows that. We all want to slow down the clock when it comes to our skin, and that means adopting a healthy lifestyle and perhaps consulting an expert or two along the way. There are some things you can do on your own to help your skin retain its youthful glow and resiliency.

Water is essential to all living things, but especially for our skin. Dehydrated skin looks old no matter what our age. Depending upon your activity level, you’ll need to drink several glasses or more of water per day. Don’t forget that some drinks, such as tea, coffee and alcohol, can actually make you more dehydrated as they may cause your body to lose water rather than use it.

The human body needs seven to eight hours of rest each night to function properly. Any less and we’re putting a good deal of stress on all of our bodily systems. Over time, this directly affects our skin and literally shows on our face.

A good diet is the best anti-aging weapon in your arsenal. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals necessary for your skin to repair itself day after day.

Avoiding sun damage is not only important for the look of your skin, but also for your health overall. Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight can have serious negative effects on our skin. Use a good sunscreen every day, even if it’s overcast. Ultraviolet rays even cut through the thickest clouds.

Regular physical exercise is a great way to release anti-oxidants that may have accumulated in your body, and it also releases endorphins that will lower your stress level and make you feel better about things in general. As they say, it will all be written across your face.

We can help you keep your skin’s youthful appearance or help with the appearance of aging. Call us at Anna’s Salon Elite so we can help you find look you best. You can call us for an appointment at (724) 375-8511, or simply drop by for a visit at the salon at 2616 Broadhead Road in Aliquippa, PA 15001.

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