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Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner- What They Are And When To Use Them

October 15, 2022

It’s no secret that washing your hair too often isn’t good for it. Shampooing less often preserves your natural oils to help keep your hair soft, healthy, and manageable. But what do you do if your hair starts to look and feel less than fresh between washes? You have a couple of options. Depending on what your hair needs you can choose between dry shampoo and dry conditioner. Here we’ll take a look at what each of them is and what they can do for your hair to help you decide which one to reach for.

What Is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a waterless hair care product that comes in the form of an aerosol or powder. When applied to your dry hair it absorbs excess oils to keep your hair from looking greasy, but without over stripping and drying your strands. The product also leaves a pleasant fragrance behind to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean.

How to Use Dry Shampoo

You’ll start with your hair drying. Remove any hairpins, ties, barrettes, etc. Holding the can approximately six inches from your head apply it to your crown, above your ears, and around your hairline. Give your roots and scalp a gentle rub with your fingertips to evenly distribute the product, then comb and style as usual.

Benefits Of Dry Shampoo

Not only does dry shampoo keep your hair fresh and clean while reducing the need for shampooing, but it also reduces heat styling stress. Your blowout or straightening will last for several days if you don’t get it wet which means you have to style less often. Dry shampoo can also lift your roots to add volume and give your hair texture to give you more styling power and your accessories more grip. Back combing is more effective after applying dry shampoo as well.

What Is Dry Conditioner?

Dry conditioner is the opposite counterpart to dry shampoo. Instead of removing excess oils from your hair, the purpose of a dry conditioner is to give your strands a boost of moisture if they start to become dry or frizzy between washes. Traditional leave-in conditioner is a liquid and makes your hair damp when applied which will ruin your blowout and reactivate curls and waves in heat-straightened hair. Dry conditioner delivers the moisture boost your hair needs to get rid of dryness and frizz without wrecking your style.

How To Use Dry Conditioner

Dry shampoo is typically applied to the root area, but dry conditioner is applied from about midway to the tips. This is the part of your hair that dries out the fastest because it takes longer for your natural scalp oils to reach it. Unless your hair and scalp are super dry, you shouldn’t apply dry conditioner to your roots to avoid a greasy flattened look.

Benefits of Dry Conditioner

Dry conditioner extends the life of your hairstyle by hydrating and nourishing parched strands without the use of water. Frizz will be reduced, your hair will be shinier, and limp strands will be revived after application. You can even use it as a finishing spray to give one final blast of moisture to your tresses before heading out for the day.

So, which product is best to keep on hand? The answer is both. Sometimes you may find your hair is a little more oily, and other times it may need some extra hydration. Keeping some Unite U: Dry Clear Dry Shampoo and Unite U: Dry Fresh Dry Conditioner with your hair care supplies and in your gym bag is the perfect way to keep your hair fresh, soft, and clean while giving your style longer life and keep your strands healthy.

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