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Don’t Miss These Fun and Beautiful Nail Trends

May 31, 2020

Nails are the cherry on top of every look and they deserve a high level of attention. Sure you can slap a basic color on there and call it good, but there are so many more opportunities to show off your personality and style. Whether you’re starting to explore interesting and beautiful nail art, or you’re a manicure connoisseur or searching for a new idea, read on to see some of the nail trends everyone is loving at the moment. 

Clouds – Bring the sky to your nails by applying a light blue base color, then paint a few fluffy white clouds on top. The design is simple but the cute clouds are a fun style that will fit with plenty of different outfits.

Tie-dye – This DIY trend hasn’t only found new life in clothes it’s also popping up on nails. Mix around with a funky psychedelic pattern using the familiar tie-dye bright colors, though don’t let that limit you. There are so many ways to rock popular tie-dye nails and have them still be unique to you.

Seaglass – Imagine walking along a beach and you come across a stunning piece of sea glass. It would be beautiful in your hands, but it would be even better on your nails. The blue-green shade is a perfect lowkey color and the opaque finish is unbelievable with a matte coat.

Minimalist Single Line – Minimalism has taken over all corners of style, including your manicure. If you’re tired of overblown colors and designs then keep it simple with this look. Use a clear base then choose your color and where to place the line between horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

Split Nails – If you always struggle to settle on a color or palette for nails because you can’t narrow down the choice, split nails are to rescue you. This trend features color on each side of the nail so you don’t have to choose. You can also change the tones on each nail to give you more variety on top of that.

Snakeskin – Animal prints are no stranger to nail trends, but the current snakeskin iteration is one of the best. Ditch tiger stripes and leopard, when you want exotic nails, reptilian is the way to go right now.

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