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Change Up Your Look with a New Hair Color

June 30, 2017

We all need a change sometimes, and one of the easiest way to change your looks is with a new hair color. Since coloring your hair is an investment, it’s important to take the time to make the right decision when choosing your color. This can be a challenge, since there are so many options available today, but following a few tips can lead you in the right direction!

Many people choose a hair color based on what they have seen on others. This can be a great place to start, because finding a color you like is important. However, don’t stop here, because you want to make sure that the color will look great on YOU as well.

Skin tone is the top factor when choosing a color – whether for your hair, makeup, or clothes. You probably already avoid a few colors when shopping for new clothes, because they just don’t seem to look right on you. This is usually because of skin tone. Generally speaking, your overall skin tone is usually pale, medium, dark, or olive. Since you’ve lived with your skin tone all your life, you probably already know about your general skin tone.

Undertones are the key when it comes to color selection. Your skin’s undertones are either cool, warm, or neutral. One simple way to determine your undertones is to hold your wrists up in bright light and look at the color of your veins. If your veins appear green, you have warm undertones. If they are blue, you have cool undertones. If they appear purple, blue and green, then your undertones are neutral. You can also determine undertones by considering which type of jewelry looks best on you. If you look best in gold, your undertones are warm. If silver looks best, your undertones are cool, and if both look good on you, then you have neutral undertones.

The trick is to choose a hair color that is the opposite of your own undertones, as these colors will complement your skin instead of giving you a washed out look. Warm colors, which are best for cool skin tones, often have the words “ash” or “cool” in their names. Cool colors, which complement warm skin tones, have descriptors like “warm” or “honey.” If you have a neutral skin tone, you can make most any color work for you!

Your stylist is your best partner when it comes to choosing a hair color. Professional stylists are familiar with the importance of skin tones and have years of experience choosing colors for their clients. Bring photos of the color you are considering to your stylist and talk with him or her about whether it will work well with your skin tone. Other considerations that your stylist will suggest are how drastic of a change you wish to make, how much you will invest in touch-ups, and what your goals are for the color (going lighter or darker, covering grey, or simply enhancing your natural color).

If you have a color in mind, or if you’re undecided and would like a professional opinion about the best new hair color for you, make an appointment with one of our highly-trained, professional stylists today at Anna’s Salon Elite. Find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa, or give us a call on 724.375.8511 to schedule an appointment.

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