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How to Care for Your Colored Hair This Summer

April 30, 2019

There are always steps you need to take as the sun starts shining and the days are warming up and dyed hair needs even more attention. This season is the perfect time to try a new style for your hair, but if that includes colored hair make sure you aren’t sabotaging your look. We’ve made a helpful list of tips and tricks to keep your colored haired spectacular all summer long so you can have outside without worrying. From all over color to highlights and balayage, our coloring services at Anna’s Salon Elite can get your started.

Enjoy the Pool Without Worrying About Your Color

It’s common knowledge that chlorine turns color treated hair green and unless that’s the shade you were going, you probably want to do your best to keet your hair safe. A simple way is to make sure your locks are hydrated. A quick rinse or oil (coconut is a good choice) can fortify your hair with moisture that keeps pool chemical out. Even if you do some pre-care, you should also follow swimming with a shower to make sure all the chlorine is washed out.

Blocking UV Ray From Your Locks

Everyone knows how important it is to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, but that same UV can attack your colored treated hair. How you put sunscreen to prevent sunburns, the right product can block summer rays from fading your color. Look for UV filters with products like hairspray or leave in conditioner that is specifically for dyed hair.

Stop Brassy Tones

You can never go wrong with a blonde tone in the summer, but if you’re not careful your warm color can turn to an unintended orange tint. The frequent sunshine speeds up fading and brings out a brassy hue so choose products designed to keep her blonde looking fresh all season. Stop brassiness in its tracks before it ruins your color by using purple shampoo and conditioner during your shower routine.

For a variety of personalized color options to get you ready for summer make an appointment at Anna’s Salon Elite today. Our professional stylists will help you find the right wrap to suit your style and get you those envious curls. Find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa or call 724.375.8511 to book your appointment. For your convenience, you can also book an appointment with us online.

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