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Balayage: The Art of Beautiful Highlights

May 19, 2017

You’ve probably heard of balayage, one of the most popular forms of hair color highlighting. Today, we’ll talk about the differences between balayage and other highlighting techniques and why it may hold the secret to creating the right look for you.

With other highlighting techniques, the hair color is applied so consistently that it often appears unnatural. You can think of balayage as freehand-style artwork for your hair – the highlighting color is applied by painting the hair strand by strand, creating a more natural look. In French, balayage means “to sweep,” and the balayage coloring technique allows the stylist to “sweep” color into the hair one strand at a time.

While this takes longer than other highlighting techniques, the results are more natural because it mimics the way hair is naturally highlighted by the sun. There are fewer trips to the salon because balayage lasts longer than traditional highlighting techniques – it looks more natural as it grows out, so you can make fewer touchup visits.

Hair highlighted with the balayage technique actually appears thicker and more luxurious. And because it is applied more gradually, balayage is gentler on hair than other highlighting techniques.

Color choices for the balayage look are almost unlimited. You can choose one that complements or contrasts your color, or you can even try something fun like an infusion of bright blue or green. The beauty of balayage is that it can be customized for each individual. If you have photos of a look you would like to copy, bring them to your stylist, but be aware that your look will be unique – you have a different artist (your stylist) and your base hair color may be slightly different.

If you’d like to give balayage a try, make an appointment today at Anna’s Salon Elite. Our team of highly trained, professional stylists will create a unique look for you that suits your individual style. Find us at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa, or give us a call on 724.375.8511 to schedule an appointment.

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