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Back-to-School Hairstyles That Your Kids Will Love

August 28, 2018

They’ve got their backpacks, their school supplies, their new clothes – your kids are ready to get going on their new school year. Many people forget to add a new hairstyle to the mix, something cute with easy care that gives your kids an extra boost of confidence. Here are a few adorable ideas in hairstyles for kids that will send them back to school in style.

Braids are huge this year, for both adults and kids. They do double duty for your young students since braids add style with an easy-care bonus. Braids don’t have to be boring – use them creatively for a very cute and functional style. If your student likes her braids simple, that’s certainly an option. They can be loose and relaxed or tightly woven for a different twist each day. Fishtail braids are a popular way to make that single braid unique. Braids can be incorporated into other styles, draped across the top as an accent, or as several tiny braids strung evenly around her head.

The up-do is great for kids because it gets hair out of the way for activities while still looking stylish. Buns can be messy and loose or tight and together, with a single bun in the center or double buns for double the fun! You can try a partial up-do with a bun in the front, allowing the rest of the hair to flow naturally down the back. Either way, it looks great and gets hair away from the face.

Ponytails are still in style and are one of the easiest styles to replicate. Single or even double ponytails can be high or low, loose or tight, or can even be combined with braids for a unique look. One very cute style has braids across the top front, with a ponytail holding it together in the back.

The most important elements of kids’ hairstyles are the accessories. The possibilities are almost endless here, so be creative! Headbands help keep hair back from the face for easier studying while adding color that matches a cute outfit. Vary wide and narrow headbands for different looks. Bows, clips and bandanas are great for holding things in place while looking adorable. Bobby pins can be your best friend – they keep things solidly in place throughout the school day and are available in different colors and styles.

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