4 Benefits of Hair Relaxing Explained

February 15, 2022

Most people have heard of hair relaxers, but few truly know what they are. Hair relaxing is a salon treatment for naturally curly hair that permanently relaxes the curl or straightens it. If you have super tight or unruly curls, or if you just prefer straight hair, this may be the perfect solution to free you from straightening irons and give you the straight strands or loose manageable curls you long for. 

Hair Relaxing Explained
Hair relaxing is a chemical process a lot like a perm. A relaxer lotion is applied to your hair and left for a time to process. During this time it loosens the bonds within the hair and changes its structure to smooth it out and give it a looser curl pattern or straighter texture, depending on your preference. When the time is up your hair is rinsed and then followed with a neutralizer and finally a moisturizing and nourishing conditioner. You’ll be able to enjoy permanently relaxed hair, only needing to touch up to the new growth every 6-8 weeks.

Fewer Tangles and Knot15
Curly hair has natural kinks and bends that make it prone to tangling. Relaxing removes those kinks and so helps prevent the knots from forming. Detangling will be much easier, and your hair will experience less breakage.

No Need to Stretch
Curly hair often appears much shorter than it actually is because the coils tend to shrink up. To get a few inches of length back, the curls must be stretched out. After relaxing you won’t need to worry about stretching anymore.  

It’s a Time Saver
Relaxing will help reduce the amount of time you spend grooming and styling your hair. With no daily stretching or straightening and less time detangling knotted curls, you’ll have a few extra hours each week to do something that will make you happy.

Less Frizz
Because of the smoothed cuticle and altered texture of relaxed hair, frizz will be nearly a thing of the past. With less frizz, you can confidently try styles you’d have never been brave enough to try before.

If you’re a curly gal that would like looser and more manageable curls, or that prefers straight strands, come see the expert stylists at Anna’s Salon Elite. We’ll discuss the results you’d like to see, evaluate your hair’s texture and condition, and help you choose the services that will give you the look you want. Give us a call at 724.375.8511 or visit our Anna’s Salon Elite website to book your appointment online. We look forward to serving you at 2616 Brodhead Road in Aliquippa.

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